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Stakeholders’ Committee for the EYCH 2018

What is the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage?

The overall objective of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) is to encourage the sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage, to raise awareness of our common history and values, and to reinforce a sense of belonging in a common European space. The slogan for the year is: Our heritage: where the past meets the future.

The 2018 EYCH will celebrate the diverse cultural heritage across Europe – at EU, national, regional and local level. This is being implemented through joint efforts of various stakeholders actively involved in the implementation of the year.

The EYCH 2018 is managed by the European Commission, with active involvement of all European institutions, who are committed to making the year a success. The European Commission

, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, as well as the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee will all contribute through organization of various events to celebrate the year and through launching of projects focusing on cultural heritage.

In addition, each Member State has appointed a National Coordinator to implement the year and coordinate events and projects at local, regional and national level.

Finally, key Stakeholders from the cultural sector as well as civil society organisations are closely involved in the year’s activities, among other ways through their active participation in the Stakeholders’ Committee.

To learn more about the Year and how to get involved please visit the EYCH website.


How was the Stakeholders’ Committee established?

For the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), the Commission has decided to launch a special call under its Voices of Culture programme (structured dialogue with civil society on culture), entitled “Voices of Culture and Heritage”.

The aim of this call was to open a dialogue with civil society and stakeholders active in the field of cultural heritage and allow for an exchange of information on ideas and activities planned during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, both by the EU and by the involved stakeholders.

In contrast to the other Voices of Culture calls, this special call involved a creation of a Stakeholders Committee – a group which was to meet on 6 occasions over the course of 2 years (2017-2018). This call was open to organisations working in the field of cultural heritage and culture more broadly, who were willing to share their expertise and ideas in a dialogue with the European Commission.

The EYCH 2018 special call was open from 30 January 2017 to 20 February 2017. The European Commission selected 35 organisations, who were invited to send one representative to participate in the meetings.

Stakeholders’ Committee Members

Click here for the list of Members of the Stakeholders’ Committee for the 2018 EYCH.

Stakeholders’ Committee Meetings

The initial 3 Stakeholders’ Committee Meetings in 2017 were focused on the preparations and lanching of the Year, and took place as follows:

  • 1st meeting: 28 April 2017 in Brussels;
  • 2nd meeting: 8 September 2017 in Brussels;
  • 3rd meeting: 5 December 2017 in Milan.

Aside from the first meeting in April 2017, when the Stakeholders’ Committee was initially established, all other meetings were held back-to-back with the National Coordinators meetings, allowing the two groups to meet in person and exchange views and experiences. This practice has been found extremely useful by both groups, and hence it was decided to keep the same format for all future meetings.

In 2018, the Stakeholders’ Committee has also been scheduled to meet on three ocassions:

  • 4th meeting – 7 March 2018, in Brussels
  • 5th meeting – 4-5 June 2018, in Brussels
  • 6th meeting – to be held on 8 November 2018, in Leipzig.